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Scholarship Application Scholarship Application

CRN 2019 彩虹奖学金申请表
Application Form for CRN Rainbow Scholarship 2019

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You need to register and login to CRN Issue Tracking System to submit this form (Click here to register).
We promise to keep the application materials of scholarship applicants strictly confidential.
请优先使用 中文 填写此申请表格。

例如:韩梅梅的奖学金申请 - For example, Han, Meimei's Scholarship Application.
申请人姓名 - The name of the applicant
申请人的 email 地址 - The email address that we can use to reach you at.
如果没有微信可以不填 - Leave blank if you do not have a WeChat account.
现居住地区 - Where do you live now?
现在就读的学校 - Which school are you attending now?
(on a scale of 4.0)
2019 年秋季学期就读的学校 - Which school will you be attending in Fall 2019?
攻读学位 - Which degree are you pursuing in Fall 2019?
请写出至多三项你想让我们了解的成果与经历(如科研,奖项,LGBT+社群服务等方面)- Please list at most three accomplishments or experiences you most want us to know (e.g., your research experience, award, LGBT+ community service, etc.)
请简述为何想要申请 CRN 彩虹奖学金 (250 字以内) - Please describe why do you want to apply for CRN Rainbow Scholarship (within 250 words)
请简述你对自己未来的规划(150字以内)- Please briefly describe your future plan (with no more than 150 words)

请上传以下材料 - Please upload the following documents:

  1. 个人陈述 - Personal Statement: 请在 1,000 字以内阐述想要申请 CRN 彩虹奖学金的动机,以及自己的相关经历。请在上传前将文件命名为 "申请人姓名+个人陈述"
    With no more than 1,000 words, please explain why do you want to apply for CRN Rainbow Scholarship, your personal experience, your goals, and more. Please name the document as "Name+PS"
  2. 简历 - Resume: 请在上传前将文件命名为 "申请人姓名+简历"
    Please name the document as "Name+Resume"
  3. 在读证明或录取通知书 - Enrollment/Offer Letter: 请上传 2019 秋季学期的在读证明或者录取通知书。
    Please upload your enrollment or offer letter for Fall 2019.
  4. 成绩单 - Transcript: 请在上传前将文件命名为 "申请人姓名+成绩单"
    Please name the document as "Name+Transcript"

The maximum file upload size is 50.00 MB.
请提供最多两名推荐人的下列信息 - Please provide the following information of up to 2 recommenders:
  • 推荐人姓名 Name
  • 推荐人单位 Institution
  • 推荐人职位 Occupation
  • 与申请人关系 Relationship with the applicant
  • 与申请人认识时间 When did the recommender know the applicant
我们会邮件邀请您提供的推荐人提交推荐信 - We will email your recommenders for their recommendations.